Navajo Nation Integrated Justice Information Sharing Project (NNIJISP)

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Navajo Nation Council Resolution CAP-20-06 relating to Public Safety and Judiciary; enacting the Sex Offender Offenders Registry Act of 2005; amending Title 17 of the Navajo Nation Code, April 26, 2006.

 2 N.N.C. 1986 Central Records System The Office of the Prosecutor shall establish a Central Records Keeping System.  The system shall include the date and agency to whom the referral is made, the prosecutor to whom the case is assigned, case status, presiding judge, previous criminal history, title of investigation, and case disposition.

5 N.N.C. 2027 Criminal History Checks --- (pertaining to duty of Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety to take and submit fingerprints to the Gaming Commission and FBI, and to review criminal records, if any, of prospective Navajo Nation employees).

Navajo Nation Council Resolution CAP-30-02 supporting the development of an integrated criminal justice information system and mandating cooperation and coordination in its development, April 19, 2002.
Judiciary Committee of the Navajo Nation Resolution JCJA-02-02 supporting the development of an integrated criminal justice information system and recommending that the Navajo Nation Council recognize and support its development, January 16, 2002.
Navajo Nation Council Resolution CJY-34-92 mandating the creation of an open information environment among the governmental entities of the Navajo Nation government; and to assign responsible parties to coordinate the use and development of computer technology to accomplish the open information sharing environment, July 28, 1992.

Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation Administrative Order in the matter of reporting criminal case dispositions to the Division of Public Safety, June 9, 1982.