Supervises and manages a caseload of individuals placed on probation as a condition of or an alternative to incarceration; conducts pre-sentence/pre-disposition investigations obtaining pertinent social and economic information from defendants, victims, relatives and others which may have a bearing on the case disposition; prepares summaries and reports of investigations; presents and recommends viable sentencing alternatives, counseling and other services at court hearings; prepares conditions of probation/parole, recommendations and other documents according to directions from the court; provides referrals to community resources.


Conducts interviews with probationer/parolee, their families and others in order to determine and clarify probationer’s/parolee’s problems; recommends constructive methods for addressing such problems; arranges for clinical services or rehabilitative placement if ordered by court and works with probationer/parolee in accordance with treatment plan; transports probationer/parolee to appropriate placements; conducts case staffing with service providers; conducts home visits and follow up with offender; assists in resolving issues and concerns; recommends modifications to the court and follows through on changes ordered; maintains files and records on caseload; and compiles and prepares required reports.


Supervises and monitors probationers/parolees by conducting on-going and intermittent surveillance; determines and ensures compliance with court-ordered conditions of probation/parolee or release; recommends revocations or other sanctions for violations of probation or parole; conducts random alcohol/drug tests; provides community education and other information to schools, various committees, public interest groups and communities; serves as liaison and representative of the court; attends court hearings and meetings.