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Physical Address:  240 South Main Street, Tuba City.



News and Announcements

April 20, 2020: Probation and Parole Services offices at Chinle, Dzil Yijiin, Kayenta and Tuba City may be reached at (928) 421-3475 until further notice. Messages for the probation offices may be left with this number.

  • Bodaway-Gap
  • Cameron
  • Coalmine Canyon
  • Coppermine
  • Kaibeto
  • Lechee
  • Toh Nanees Dizi
  • Tonalea
Judge and Staff
District Court Judge: Victor Clyde

  Court Administrator Alice Huskie
  Staff Attorney Michael J. Bennet
Office Technician
Orlando Sam
  Peacemaking Services
  Traditional Program Specialist Rosiene Charley
  Office Technician Lena Manymules
  Probation Services
  Probation Officers Sheila Begishie
    Jonathan T. Nez
    Vinton Yazzie
  Office Technician Lena Manymules