Aspects and Perspectives to Diné Traditional Teaching

In Memory of Mr. Irvin K. James, Traditional Specialist

This document was compiled and developed for informational purposes only.  It introduces traditional and cultural values of the Diné as they may apply to the judicial system.  It addresses basic information needs for the Diné Life Way of the People of many generations who are widespread in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, as well as urbanized citizens who live in surrounding towns and cities across the country.  This overview will help readers to familiarize themselves with basic philosophical aspects and perspectives on Diné way of life. 

Sections 17 - 34 are unfinished written drafts on traditional Diné teaching in reference to children, family, parents and grandparents, and are solely based on what the authors were taught by family members in parents, grandparents through a life span of existence, as well as through life's experience.

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-- Roger Begay, Bicultural Training Manager